Bloggers against journalists. The confrontation turned into a real battle

Last weekend the quietness of Abzelilovsky district was violated by the landing of 20 mediapeople who came to the holiday home “Diostan” to fight in the "Battle of the Year." Nine journalists and ten bloggers were set tiered quest (game - ed.) in order to finally find out who is better.

The development of rural tourism in the Phaeton Company

Сorporate trip of the employees to the “Diostan” where friendly staff jointly planted 100 saplings around the university! Corporate agritourism has been successfully developing in the Company "Phaeton" due to the project Diostan

School of Young Leaders for the young people from the division for the youth policy of the Magnitogorsk City Authorities.

For a group of activists from the youth department of Magnitogorsk City Authorities there was held a training meeting in the hotel “Europe” on March 23, 2011. The meeting was initiated by the training staff of the international training centre “Diostan”.

Spring for students of the Chelyabinsk region, together with the “Diostan”

On April 18-19 the Theater named after A.S. Pushkin (Magnitogorsk) hosted a regional competition “Student Spring” 2011. The general partner of the event was the “Diostan”.