Last weekend the quietness of Abzelilovsky district was violated by the landing of 20 mediapeople who came to the holiday home “Diostan” to fight in the "Battle of the Year." Nine journalists and ten bloggers were set tiered quest (game - ed.) in order to finally find out who is better.

The idea of ​​organizing such an event was born out of a desire to bring to the point the global trend of opposition of journalists and bloggers. That was done in the form of games with five levels of tasks.

Yan Tokarev, a businessman from Magnitogorsk, helped us a lot to organize the game. He invests in the construction of holiday home “Diostan.” In his blog, he expresses his point of view on the development of domestic tourism in the country.

The author of the quest "Bloggers vs Journalists" was the leading Russian games developer -Rais Gabitov. Being an active blogger, Rais held dozens of events on team-building. It was he who came up with the basic concept of the game as a test in the five elements.

At each level, it was necessary to demonstrate the qualities which are typical for both bloggers and journalists.

Climbing Mount Keben-tash (Stone stack) and the opening of the safe, located on the top of it demanded the ability to obtain the required information, even in inappropriate conditions, and the ability to quickly determine the area of ​​responsibility of each team member. Finding the artifact in the middle of the lake Kuldybay made it possible to demonstrate another quality which is important for both bloggers and journalists communities - the ability to work in a team. The intellectual level of exercise allowed the participants to demonstrate the versatility and breadth of academic knowledge. The most important thing in the creative contest was the ability to work with images and make them a reality.

The latest creative task  was assessed by Aslaevo villagers, and that's one more thing that allows to create a trust relationship between the media community and the ordinary people, who  are not aware of the opposition "blogger - journalist."

Blog tours have already been conducted in the past years. In the winter students of “School of bloggers " as a part of the presidential pool, along with President Rustem Khamitov broke in the ski slopes of Pavlovsky Park. And in July, the community  climbed Iremel from the side of  Uchalinsky district. As a result of these visits, the bloggers were able to evaluate the development of the infrastructure, to comment on the development of domestic tourism in Bashkiria, offer solutions to problems in this sphere.

Blog tours  is an opportunity to experience all by yourself and give an unbiased assessment of the situation. It is bloggers who are able to do it - people who are not restricted by the wording policy, founders or payment system. A blogger writes, because he thinks something is important for him and for the society, and states his purely subjective opinion. And this is the fundamental difference between a blogger and a journalist.

A blog is originally subjective. Therefore, it is absolutely wrong to accuse the representatives of the blogosphere of any bias.  But journalistic material should include at least two points of view on what is happening, and the identity of the journalist, especially in news journalism, does not "shine through the reportage," or, at least, should not "shine through."

Bloggers and journalists have a lot in common: they are both notable for curiosity, attention to what is happening, responsiveness, high level of reflection, the ability to compare facts and events and to draw conclusions.

So who is better a blogger or a journalist? The final score was 3:3. The draw  only reinforced my personal belief that we, the bloggers, as well as the journalists are doing the same thing and shouldn’t  focus on the competition. After all, by joining forces, we can do anything.

The participants say:

"The journalists have taken the second place, bloggers - the one-to-last"
Igor Konovalov:
- Being accustomed to the press tours and early departures, disciplined journalists were at the point of meeting at 6 am, bloggers gradually fell away as satisfied babies from the breast - someone texted at three in the morning, that he would not go, someone overslept, someone then chose a trip to a friend’s wedding (not a big deal to be honest, there are a lot of friends, all the wedding  usually look the same, with the master of ceremonies and drunk guests, but the trip is unique.) I even had to pick up from home nikotina_a.
... So it was that at first I had to act as journalists, but as there were fewer bloggers, I joined the dark side and became a part of the winning team led by dashing taftimanovo. It was he who encouraged me, begging to leave me to die while climbing the mountain (Rais said that the height is 850 meters, Eugene wrote about 700 meters, I prefer to call it a kilometre). taftimanovo encouraged and offered his hand to pull me up, but my pride would not let me accept his help, and I crawled up to the top quite independently. and am very proud of it ...

Michael Bresler:

- Somebody said that 700 meters is an easy walk. But I’ve got a fear of height, shortness of breath, chronic laziness, and above all, where am I going with half-century old belly? I don’t want to. They brought me to the summit and stood me there. And there it was -the safe. Why didn’t you tell me about it?
  The second challenge ... - water race. I do not mind, like Putin, the galleys, but the air mattress does not count - it’s impossible to move. Everybody is rowing. Only Oleg Smakov is smiling. He just doesn’t know that he will be thrown into water in the middle of the lake - a happy fellow ...
As a result  of three rounds we, the journalists held the second place (bloggers - the last-to-one).

Gaziz Yusupov:
- Having visited “Diostan”, I thought once again: it is only organized tourism that can save nature of Bashkortostan. Moreover, well-organized.
Face it: now everybody may well allow "familiarizing" with the lake savagely. Literally, a person can buy a ten-year Japanese jeep from someone and drove up to these wild lakes. And in the next thirty years it will means death of these unique ecosystems of lakes - the remnants of the the glacier moved here millions of years ago. This means scattered plastic bags, broken bottles, fireplace.
Guys, we now see the baby fishes washing ashore, but in thirty years there will not be any of them left... Only the organization of such camps can protect natural landscapes. Moreover, the organization by responsible people - truly ready to stand in word and deed for the purity of mother nature, those who are in love with the blue of the lakes and have a respect  for people regardless of their place of birth and nationality.


Team of bloggers: Dmitry Eigenson (nehludoff), Ilgiz Kalimullin (taftimanovo), Elena Khaziyev (e_khazieva), Albina Mukhutdinova (mukalbina), Haziz Yusupov (bashpress), Ekaterina Kozhevnikova (bella_katarina), Ruslan Yusupov (black_professor), Anastasia Nikotina (nikotina_a) , Vitalina Levchishina (Vitalinalev) and Igor Konovalov (igor-ufa).

In the combat team of journalists there were Timur Gysin, Elsa Horev, Azamat Salikhov, Oleg Smakov, Arthur Iskhakov Talgat Zainullin, Ramil Salikhov, Michael Bresler and Surayoh Sabirova.