Our facilities:

Residential apartments
The center currently has three buildings: a house for important visitors, educational building and a hotel for 250 guests. The development of the Center is in compliance with the directives of local laws of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and all proceeds will be invested in the development of this area. Any activity of the Center is always carried out in accordance with the principles of the United Nations and the applicable laws of Bashkortostan.

Infrastructure and the initial phase of construction includes the opening of the following objects:

1) The modern lecture hall with 250 seats. There will also be a library and a cafe in the building.
2) The hotel complex with 250 comfortable rooms and suites. There will also be the restaurant serving  gourmet "live" cuisine.
3) Residential apartments include a cascade of houses made of glued beams with unique architecture and panoramic views.
4) Sports ground for winter and summer sports:
tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, skiing. Everything for horse lovers and hiking.
Competence and supreme functionality is associated with the project "Urals":

"Improving the quality of life. Environment.
3.3.3. Ensuring environmental safety
To ensure environmental safety is to create an enabling environment, to improve the quality of life on the basis of measures to prevent the degradation of ecosystems, biodiversity of Zauralye. "

The "Diostan" development involves the creation of a set of measures aimed at preserving the unique nature of the area. They are aimed at maintaining the pure environment of Kuldybay lake, planting trees and providing special care for the plants listed in the Red Book. Prior to the start of construction, the entire coastal area of the lake was cleared of rubbish.